Bob Beeston: Pillar To Post, The Beeston Team, is a family business. My wife Kathy will be your contact to book your inspection. My son Matt and I are Pillar To Post Certified Home Inspectors.

Along with construction being my career for the past 37 years, I have been fascinated with and enjoyed learning how homes and their parts are built. To me, home inspection seemed like a natural next step in my career path. I became a Pillar To Post Certified Home Inspector. I know that being a home inspector means I am an integral part of what may be the largest financial decision of our client’s lives. I take this seriously. Being able to combine my experience with the Pillar To Post inspection system to deliver a fact-based home inspection that the buyer fully understands is very rewarding.

I am a Northern California native. My family has lived in Northern California since my great grandfather moved to Jamestown in 1890. I have lived in the Sacramento area for 25 years, raised my family here, and consider it my home. I look forward to inspecting your next home.

Matt Beeston headshotMatt Beeston: Joining my Mom and Dad, at Pillar To Post Sacramento as a home inspector, is an opportunity that I feel fortunate to have. Being a part of our family business, from the beginning, means I do much more than home inspections. Building our brand, and relationships with customers and realtors is an ongoing endeavor that helps provide me with a better appreciation for our success. In order to become a certified Pillar To Post Home Inspector I was required to complete training at our headquarters in Toronto, ON, CA, and pass a rigorous exam. Prior to becoming a home inspector, I worked as a union carpenter for 9 years. During my career as a carpenter, I worked on such prestigious projects as the CalStrs tower in West Sacramento, Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport, the Sutter Hospital tower in Downtown Sacramento, as well as many private estates. My background in construction allows me to provide a detailed, educational assessment to our clients, as well as provide them with potential solutions to items I may find during an inspection.

I have lived in Sacramento since 1991 and bought a home of my own in Elk Grove in 2009. I love being outdoors, observing the natural world, and appreciating our undeniable likeness to all that surrounds us. Rock climbing is a challenge, mental and physical, that keeps me centered and focused, but watching my dog’s instincts come alive during their daily romps at our local greenspaces is what I find truly humbling.

Professional Training: Every Pillar To Post home inspector is trained in the classroom and in the field. You can have confidence in the fact that all Pillar To Post inspectors are required to continually upgrade their skills and to keep current with new technologies and professional standards.